St. Mawes One Design in for repairs


St Mawes One Design no. 21 ‘Saskia’ is outside the workshop waiting to come in for a few repairs, and some new floorboards. Saskia took the brunt of a Ribs Outboard propellor while on her moorings in a gale, and has suffered damage to four of her topside planks on the port side. Another boat collided with her port side near the transom, and damaged the deck, rubbing strake and covering board.

St Mawes One designs were designed and built by Frank Peters at Freshwater boatyard in St Mawes, and over the years from 1923 – 1964 thirty three boats¬†were¬†built. Frank retired in 1964 and five years later Brian crockford built a ‘SMOD’ but it was to be another 13 years before the next boat was added to the fleet, no.35 was built by Jonathan Leach, and he has since built a further 10 boats, bringing the fleet up to 45 although 2 have been lost over the years. Thegunter rig was changed to Bermudan in 1953. More information can be found on

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