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Wooden Boat Builder: Marcus Lewis


e-mail me here   marcus@fowey9.freeserve.co.uk

foweyriver1Welcome to my website. I build, restore, repair and maintain wooden boats, mostly traditional designs, wooden rowing boats, sailing dinghies, keelboats, motor launches, beautiful wooden yachts and dayboats in clinker, carvel or strip planked construction. I also specialise in the production of wooden masts and other spars, including booms, bowsprits, gaffs, sprits, and make wooden flagpoles to your exact specification.

Repairs can be done in the workshop, or on site, depending on work required, Fitting out work, spring repaints and general maintenance and repairs are also undertaken on Wood and GRP boats, yachts and dinghies, and we have done work for many of the top insurance companies.

As you navigate around the site, you will find photos and details of the beautiful boats built and restored by myself, Marcus Lewis, over the last few years, as well as details of the Troy Class yachts, and the Fowey River Class dinghies, both of which are raced and sailed in Fowey Harbour. Please select your area of interest from the slides above.

There are many pictures on the site, clicking on a thumbnail on the page will bring a larger picture to your screen.bluebell6 If you’d like to read more about my background and wooden boat building career then go to About Marcus…

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 Marcus Lewis
Unit 5, Windmill Industrial Estate
Cornwall, PL23 1HB
Tel: 07973 420568
Email: marcus@fowey9.freeserve.co.uk